One of These Days

by Old Fat God



In the introduction to the CREAM RIVER/WHISKEY DICK split, there is a joke about how the sequencing of the book’s stories and the album’s songs might be manipulated in such a way as to achieve a WIZARD OF OZ/DARK SIDE OF THE MOON sort of syncopation. To a degree, ONE OF THESE DAYS takes the joke seriously.

Originally premiering as part of a food-based performance installation curated by Genevieve Johnson at the 2015 Sacred + Profane in Portland, Maine, ONE OF THESE DAYS is an expressionistic reinterpretation of Blind Pelican’s WHISKEY DICK. All verbal elements and instrumentation have been distorted beyond all definitive recognition, reduced to their most rarefied ideals. This is how the songs should feel when you cannot hear the songs.

ONE OF THESE DAYS can be experienced as a stand-alone album. It can also be played in tandem with Blind Pelican’s WHISKEY DICK to achieve an experience unique and separate from either constituent part. It makes a steadfast companion to CREAM RIVER as well.


released January 22, 2016




Old Fat God Portland, Maine

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